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AirCoil™ was incorporated to develop a comprehensive product line veered towards improving HVAC components in commercial and residential spaces. As an integral part of most domains, we focus on maintaining and lifting the bottom line through energy efficiency. The company has set a benchmark in the industry by establishing premier standards for rotors and HRWs. Our business approach is designed to bring longevity and productivity to your equipment. This sense of accountability is what keeps us reaching for out of the box innovations that advance the HVAC future.

At AirCoil™, our core belief revolves around enhancing the lifespan of your HVAC systems through the combination of efficient heat recovery solutions. Our aim is to drive innovation, fostering a rejuvenating indoor environment wherever you reside, work, or relax. To enhance our service delivery, we've developed products that seamlessly integrate with both your existing and new equipment, ultimately maximizing energy efficiency and savings. Our user-friendly specification software simplifies the process of choosing the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our Values
• Maintain international quality standards across all products and installations
• Instil trust and reliability with a long-term guarantee of service
• Ensure timely delivery of consignments
• Create affordable price points for widespread adoption
Vision and Mission
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To shorten the lead time and optimise the air-cooling process for the HVAC industry across the globe.

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To ensure heat recovery becomes an indispensable part of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Social Responsibility


We provide a comprehensive opportunity for the students who are in the Chikmagalur belt. Hundreds of interns have already benefited from this program – helping them gain a deeper insight into the workings of an HVAC-centered company.

Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

All products at AirCoil™ are made with a sustainable model in mind. Eco-friendly materials are exclusively used to build every component that is delivered from our manufacturing plants.

Social Responsibility

Safety Protocols

Considering the physically intensive nature of the line-up, we ensure the complete security of the houses and the surroundings of our plants. Ingress and egress regulations are followed strictly along with proper maintenance of building materials.

Social Responsibility

Quality of Life

Added emphasis is placed on development density, the proximity of public transportation, and intermixture with industrial and commercial usage.

Social Responsibility

Our Founder

Raghavendra N, a graduate in mechanical engineering with 14 years of vast experience in the HVAC field, Raghavendra is a managerial maven known for his back-of-the-hand-like expertise in the Indian and MENA region. His strong communication skills place him at the apex of AirCoil™, taking care of the company strategy and country-wide operations.

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