AirCoil Incorporation

Company Profile

Helping create a Fresh Indoor Climate everywhere

Helping create a Fresh Indoor Climate everywhere

AirCoil™ is a leading manufacturer of air treatment, air ventilation, and energy recovery products that make HVAC systems more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our products find applications across a wide range of industries, including industrial dehumidifiers, the HVAC industry, greenhouses, pharmaceuticals, electronics, safety glass, and industrial and residential complexes, among others.

At AirCoil™, we believe in extending the life of your HVAC systems by pairing them with efficient heat recovery products. The idea is to pursue innovation, helping create a fresh indoor climate everywhere you live, work, or play. To serve you better, we have built products that easily integrate your new and old equipment, peaking in-efficiency when it comes to energy savings. Our intuitive specification software makes it simple to select the solution as per your individual requirements.

AirCoil was incorporated to develop a comprehensive product line geared towards improving HVAC components in commercial and residential spaces. As an integral part of most domains, we focus on maintaining and lifting the bottom line through energy efficiency. The company has set a benchmark in the industry by establishing premier standards for rotors and Heat Recovery Wheels. Our business approach is designed to bring longevity and productivity to your equipment. This sense of accountability is what keeps us reaching for out-of-the-box innovations that advance the HVAC industry.

Our Leadership

A graduate in mechanical engineering with 14 years of vast experience in the HVAC field, Raghavendra is a managerial maven known for his back-of-the-hand-like expertise in the Indian and MENA region. His strong communication skills place him at the apex of AirCoil™, taking care of the company strategy and country-wide operations.


Our Vision

To shorten the lead time and optimize the air-cooling process for the HVAC industry across the globe.


Our Mission

To ensure heat recovery becomes an indispensable part of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Our Values

International Quality
International Quality

Maintain international quality standards across all products and installations

Trust and Reliability

Instil trust and reliability with a long-term guarantee of service

Timely Delivery
Timely Delivery

Ensure timely delivery of consignments

Affordable Price
Affordable Price

Create affordable price points for widespread adoption

Quality Assurance

AirCoil™ puts particular emphasis on the quality of products we design, manufacture and install. Our philosophy is to maintain standards for the entire line of HRW and ERV while also looking at an efficient costing model for our clients. To attain this recognition, we strive towards building a code that ensures the best outcomes with every piece of equipment.

We follow a rigorous quality policy that is adhered to at all times:

Heat recovery wheels